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I have been freelance writing since 2008 while also working in marketing and public relations for the health care industry at the same time. I have experience writing articles of all types and lengths that have covered a variety of topics over the years as a freelance writer. My dad often asks me how I can write articles about things I know nothing about. I tell him that it all comes down to how great your sources are and I have found some of the best.

I am still writing all kinds of articles but I’m also ready to start doing social media and marketing for small, local businesses in the Mobile, Alabama area. I have done all the social media, web content updating, email marketing, digital marketing, and the like for Singing River Health System since 2008 and I have learned so much through podcasts and from social media experts. I don’t pretend to be an expert but I have learned a lot, understand the principles and the strategy, and am ready to put it to work to grow small businesses who need some help in this field.

I plan to use this blog to showcase my writing skills, some articles I’ve been wanting to write but haven’t found a home for, and to showcase my knowledge in social media. Please feel free to contact me at lindsaymott@gmail.com for job quotes, story ideas, job opportunities or whatever else.

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