Website Editing and Consulting

Your website is important to your business, and it needs to be current, free from errors and easy to use. Your website may have all the bells and whistles, but if your visitors aren’t contacting you or buying from you, there may be a reason. Editing your website regularly can be a beneficial tool to improve the experience of your users.

Have you performed website editing on your site for accuracy and usability?

When there’s misinformation or a link that doesn’t give the user what they are looking for, many will leave your site and never return. You also don’t want users to think you are no longer in business due to out of date information.

I now work in website editing and consulting because I truly enjoy working with my own website, and I have proven to be a great editor, finding things that others have missed. I enjoy the attention to detail required to get things just right and my perfectionist side takes over. I do this daily in my full-time job, and it is my main job function.

Website Editing Services:

  • Full website review up to 10 pages – $50
  • Full website review up to 25 pages – $75
  • Full information architecture review to determine content relevance and usability – $200
    • Price for most sites due to review time; does not include editing
    • Flexible on price for smaller sites
  • Making content edits / managing website content
    • Requires further consultation to determine expectations and price
    • Possibility for hourly, weekly and monthly contract rates

I have worked as an editor for my own work and in full-time communications work for the last nine years with a focus on web writing, content management and SEO in the last five years. I have strong attention to detail and will provide a thorough review of all your pages and links.

I am located in Mobile, Alabama, but this work can be done from anywhere remotely. I accept payment through PayPal or other online payment services. Please contact me at to discuss.