Greatest sports insult ever

Greatest sports insult I ever heard

It was the greatest insult heard that day. Amidst the calls of “tiger bait” and “corn dogs” to those in opposing paraphernalia, and in between shouts of “Roll Tide” and “Geaux Tigers” it was there. It hung in the air to claim its place as the best insult ever expressed. It was simple and to the point, and it expressed exactly what everyone was thinking but didn’t have the ability to say in such a direct way.

My friend weaved her way around the LSU campus with her boyfriend (now husband, but I was sure she was going to get him killed), decked out in her crimson and houndstooth, and possibly acting a little belligerent. When this female LSU fan looked her up and down, looked her right in the face, and had one reaction: “Ew!”

So simple, yet so effective, and so hilarious

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